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Rice with vegetables

Rice, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, peas (400g)
1,900.000 (AMD)

Boiled rice

1,100.000 (AMD)

Fried potatoes in soy sauce

Potatoes, sesame(400 g)
2,800.000 (AMD)


Ginger(10 g)
450.000 (AMD)

Spicy oil sauce

Spicy oil sauce (30 g)
450.000 (AMD)

Soy sauce

Soy sauce(30 g)
450.000 (AMD)


Wasabi(20 g)
450.000 (AMD)

Grilled Vegetables

The most delicious variant of summer vegetable dish. 400g
1,300.000 (AMD)

Filet mignon steak

The most delicious and gentle half-ready steak with local beef tenderloin. (250gr)
3,400.000 (AMD)

Rice "Beijing "

Forbidden and white rice, vegetables mix(300g)
3,800.000 (AMD)

French fries with vegetables

Potato, carrot, eggplant,sesame (340g)
2,500.000 (AMD)

Salmon sashimi

salmon(80 g)
3,200.000 (AMD)

Ishkhan Fillet Steak

Ishkhan Fillet Steak completely free of thorns and roasted with olive oil (280gr)
2,900.000 (AMD)

Ishkhan Fillet

Stewed Ishkhan Fillet completely free of thorns with healthy vegetables (400gr)
3,900.000 (AMD)

Chicken Bowl

Chicken breast with soy sauce and white wine. (350gr)
3,450.000 (AMD)

Chinese bread (2-3pcs)

250.000 (AMD)

Gunkan Freshness

Salmon, Tobiko, avocado,cucumber(40g)
1,800.000 (AMD)

Gunkan Spicy Syake

Salmon, cucumber, rice, spicy sauce (40g)
1,900.000 (AMD)

Gunkan Tobiko

Rice, tobiko(40g)
1,700.000 (AMD)

Nigiri avocado

900.000 (AMD)

Roll Toro

Tuna, creeme cheese, avocado(220g)
4,000.000 (AMD)

French fries

Potatoes, ketchup (250g)
1,500.000 (AMD)


The most delicious and crispy chickpea balls are made only from vegetable raw materials. (200gr)
1,200.000 (AMD)


990.000 (AMD)