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Potato, carrot, chiken meat, onion, beetroot, cabbage, tomato paste
1,500.000 (AMD)


Very famous and loved Colorful soup with cabbage and beet.
1,300.000 (AMD)

Red lentil soup

Delicious soup with red lentil.
990.000 (AMD)

Homemade soup with chicken and tarragon

Soup with special taste of greens, chicken and tarragon .
1,250.000 (AMD)

Pumpkin cream soup

Colored and digestible cream soup made of pumpkin. Added pumpkin seeds.
1,290.000 (AMD)


The most colored and delicious soup Solyanka with various ingredients.
1,300.000 (AMD)

Soup spas

One of the delicious and loved Armenian soup Spas.
630.000 (AMD)

Cream-soup with pumpkin Garun

pumpkin, onion, cream, garlic 101.8 kcal
1,600.000 (AMD)

Chicken soup

Ingredients: chicken breast, pasta tagliatelle, egg, carrot
1,500.000 (AMD)

Pumpkin cream soup

800.000 (AMD)

Sorrel soup

Delicious Armenian sorrel soup with walnuts.
790.000 (AMD)

Read beans soup

Incredibly delicious soup with read beans and walnuts.
890.000 (AMD)