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Pizza peperoni jalapeno cheese crust (30 sm)

Spicy jalapeno, fresh peperoni and mozzarella on thin dough with cheese edges 700g
3,300.000 (AMD)

Pizza Veggie cheese crust (30 sm)

Pizza only with fresh vegetables, cheese edges 700g
3,300.000 (AMD)

Pizza Roma

559 kcal, pesto sauce, chicken breast, cheese Mozzarella, oregano, tomato, mushroom
3,010.000 (AMD)

Pizza Pepperoni

920 kcal, branded dough, pesto sauce, Mozzarella, pickles, pepperoni
3,100.000 (AMD)

Pizza Margherita

890 kcal, branded dough With pesto sauce, Mozzarella, Dor blue, Emmental, cherry tomatoes, basil
4,000.000 (AMD)

Pizza 4 seasons cheese crust

A great combination of 4 cheeses with cheese edges. 700g
3,150.000 (AMD)

Imeretian khachapuri

Extremely tasty and crunchy Imereti khachapuri with stretchy cheese. 700g
1,900.000 (AMD)

Pepperoni Pizza 33cm

Red sauce, Pepperoni, Chorizo, mix cheese
3,300.000 (AMD)

The Burger Pizza 33cm

Red Sauce, Small burger patty, cheese, special sauce with fries
4,000.000 (AMD)

Margherita Pizza 33cm

Red sauce, mix cheese, sophiste cheese balls
3,000.000 (AMD)

Pizza Assorti

Pizza sauce Mozzarella Suluguni Sausage Mushrooms Ham Olives (700gr)
2,990.000 (AMD)

Pizza Margherita

Pizza dough Pizza sauce Suluguni Mozzarella (700gr)
2,200.000 (AMD)

Manakeesh Zaatar with Vegetables

1,950.000 (AMD)