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Fetuccini Quattro Formaggi

420g, fettuccine, parmigiano cheese, mozzarella cheese, roquefort cheese, gauda cheese, parmigiano cheese, cream, parsley, spinach & spices
2,200.000 (AMD)

Spagetti bolognese

450g, spaghetti, beef, Italian balsamico, parsley, garlic, red wine, onion, spices and sauces
1,600.000 (AMD)

Penne Chicken Neapolitana

1,700.000 (AMD)

Penne Pesto

1,700.000 (AMD)

Fetuccini Alfredo

1,900.000 (AMD)

Salad with Laminaria and soya-bean sprouts

Laminaria , Soybean sprouts, carrot, cucumber
2,800.000 (AMD)

Pasta with veal Garun

451 kcal, 260g, tagliatelle, veal fillet, mushrooms, cream, parsley
3,500.000 (AMD)

Pasta with Pesto sauce Garun

pesto sauce, garlic, cherry tomato, parmesan, spinach, zucchini, spaghetti 371 kcal
2,400.000 (AMD)

Pasta with vegetbales Garun

236 kcal, 250g, tagliatelle, bell pepper, broccoli, tomato
2,500.000 (AMD)

Noodle with chicken breast

Very tasty fried noodle with chicken breast, pepper and cabbage.
1,300.000 (AMD)