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Salad with Laminaria and soya-bean sprouts

Laminaria , Soybean sprouts, carrot, cucumber(350 g)
3,200.000 (AMD)

Pasta Arabiata

Penne with tomato sauce, topped Parmesan
2,100.000 (AMD)

Veggie Pasta

Penne pasta with tomato, bell pepper, olives, corn with lemon mayo sauce
2,300.000 (AMD)

Pasta Rose

Penne with white and red sauce. Topped Parmesan
2,200.000 (AMD)

Pasta Pesto

pasta with pesto sauce and parmezan
2,600.000 (AMD)

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Fettuccine pasta with mushroom and creamy cashew sauce 250g
2,900.000 (AMD)

Pesto Pasta

Penne pasta with pesto sauce 250g
3,000.000 (AMD)

Thai Peanut Butter Noodles

Spaghetti noodles with broccoli, grilled tofu with spicy peanut sauce, green onion 280g
3,100.000 (AMD)

Pasta Veganese

spaghetti pasta, minced soy, tomato sauce 250g
2,800.000 (AMD)

Pappardelle with Duck Meat

pasta Pappardelle, duck fillet
3,900.000 (AMD)

Rigatoni with Veal

pasta Rigatoni, homemade tomato paste, stewed veal tenderloin, Pecorino cheese
3,700.000 (AMD)