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Veggie bowl for lent

Celery Carrot Colored pepper Avocado Broccoli Cherry tomatoes (350gr)
3,350.000 (AMD)

Grilled vegetables for lent

Tomato (1 piece) Eggplant (1 piece) Sweet pepper (1 piece)
1,350.000 (AMD)

Vegetable wok for lent

Courgette Carrot Pepper Soya Sesame (200gr)
1,350.000 (AMD)

Pizza veggie for lent

Pizza sauce Olives Corn Mushrooms Broccoli Colored pepper (30sm)
3,550.000 (AMD)

Potato skewers for lent

Potatoes Spice Onion Greens (500gr)
550.000 (AMD)

Mushroom Barbeque for lent

Champignons Greens Spices (200gr)
1,100.000 (AMD)

Hummus for lent

Nut Tahini (sesame paste) Garlic (100gr)
550.000 (AMD)

Vegetable grill for lent

Eggplant Vegetable marrow Colored pepper Cherry tomatoes Mushroom Spices (200gr)
1,450.000 (AMD)

Avocado salad

Fresh, colorful salad with avocado for those who prefer light flavors. (100gr)
710.000 (AMD)

Summer salad

Vitamins rich summer salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. 100g
380.000 (AMD)

Korean salad

carrot sunflower oil onion garlic spices (100gr)
300.000 (AMD)

Salad with colored pepper

Salad with colored peppers, lettuce and tomatoes. (100gr)
460.000 (AMD)

Falafel Wrap

fried Falafel, lettuce, pickles, tomato, tahini sauce in a wrap
1,800.000 (AMD)

Rice and vegetables

850.000 (AMD)

Mashed potatoes

800.000 (AMD)


800.000 (AMD)

Baked potatoes

800.000 (AMD)

Greek salad (BIG)

250g cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, lettuce, basil, olive oil, pitted olives
1,700.000 (AMD)


200g groats, yogurt, egg, sour cream
900.000 (AMD)

Pasta Arabiata

Penne with tomato sauce, topped Parmesan
2,400.000 (AMD)

Bianca al Tartufo

Spaghetti with white sauce, mushroom and truffle sauce. Topped with Parmesan.
2,950.000 (AMD)

Pasta Rose

Penne with white and red sauce. Topped Parmesan
2,500.000 (AMD)

Veggie Burger

Veggie patty, avocado, dried tomato sauce. Served with basil sauce. FRIES IS OPTIONAL
2,300.000 (AMD)

Quinoa Salad

A luscious mixture of greens, avocado, parmesan, plums and marinated chicken.Served with honey-mustard dressing
3,200.000 (AMD)