Croissant Nutella

Classic croissant cut in half, nutella spread
Vendor: Tsitron
1,000.000 (AMD)
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Lebanese Lahmajun Large with Cheese

Dough, beef, spices, cheese
1,500.000 (AMD)

Ham & Cheese Saroukh

A popular flatbread across the Middle East, the Saroukh's name derives from its elongated oval shape like a Saroukh, or “rocket” in Arabic. The oval form allows the crust to become crispy as the filling remains succulent in the hot brick oven. This particular variant's filling is made of a savoury mix of melting cheese & slices of ham. For best taste, please re-heat it in an oven.
2,400.000 (AMD)

Knefe b Jebne (without Bread)

Lebanese sweet made of cheese and shredded phyllo, accompanied with sweet syrup.
2,500.000 (AMD)

Lebanese Style Chicken Shawarma - Large

Large Lebanese pita bread, marinated chicken, french fries, lettuce, pickled cucumber, garlic sauce
2,300.000 (AMD)